Shawn Severinsen
"To be honest I really wasn’t too interested in Aikido in the beginning; I was looking for a Bauga or Tai Chi teacher. I was fortunate to find John Santos Sensei at Mission Community College in Santa Clara, CA in 2003. I originally took his class just out of curiosity but seven years later I’m still here! His approach to Aikido is though the Internal Principles that originally interested me in the Chinese Arts."

"Awesome and unique, an unforgettable experience that keeps you wanting to come back and learn more! Not a dull moment at all, but a fun filled and enjoyable experience for everyone! I wished I started training in Aikido earlier in life especially with John Santos Sensei as my instructor since there is always something new and creative in every class that he has prepared for all of us, whether..."

Posted by sharonuriu on February 18, 2012